Marijuana Business Magazine: How Marijuana Businesses Can Weather the Recession

The United States has officially been in a recession for months. Unemployment is above 11% and no one knows exactly what the next package for federal assistance will look like — or when the pandemic will end. In these uncertain times, all businesses could use some guidance on weathering the storm.

Marijuana Business Magazine has some tips to help cannabis entrepreneurs thrive during the economic downturn, even if their businesses are currently faring well. Its new Recession Roadmap discusses how to cut costs and where to invest; determining the best options for raising capital; thinking about re-branding; and thinking of ways to rein in labor costs.

The publication has gone in depth on each of these points. It also looks at some important lessons gleaned from past recessions and has a special section for those in the hemp industry.

Read Marijuana Business Magazine's Recession Roadmap here