Cannabis farmers launch new crypto-exclusive e-commerce site

A group of small cannabis cultivators has launched a cryptocurrency-exclusive e-commerce platform that could transform the way cannabis users choose and buy their products.

Emerald Road was started by Justin Calvino, Executive Director of Terroir Mendocino. The platform allows cannabis consumers to connect with growers, take tours of their farms, and purchase products – including exclusive lines – according to Cannabis Business Times (CBT).

Emerald Road adds a touch of personalization and connectivity at a time when consumers are taking a more active role in what they buy and how it’s sourced.

“Our platform really gives you the chance to meet and identify with the farmer and the farming community itself, which is pretty unique for an e-commerce platform,” Calvino told CBT. “Then, you match that with the ability for blockchain integration and for the farmer to control their own currency and their own community around blockchain. … They’re keeping their money inside of their accounts, and then they’re releasing it when they need that money. That helps a little bit with the market.”

For those who are less cautious or interested in where their products come from, there’s a quick purchase option through the site’s “shop” tab. But all purchases must be made with digital currency. Before you buy from Emerald Road, you’ll need to create a Coinbase Wallet and buy NFTs.

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