Santa Barbara County Pot Farm Will Be State’s Largest

A sprawling cannabis farm near Los Alamos in Santa Barbara County is poised to become the largest contiguous cultivation site in the state.

A permit for the 134-acre farm was obtained by Farming First Holdings. Only 22 of those acres have been cultivated so far.

"Farming First isn't just our name—it's our mission," said co-founder and CEO Terry in a press release. "My family has farmed California's Central Coast region for more than 125 years, giving me immense respect for the land and surrounding community. Along with Walden and the other founders, we've assembled an incredible team that brings together unrivaled cultivation know-how and modern innovation, including agricultural experts, legacy cannabis farmers, lifelong entrepreneurs, and visionary designers and engineers."

Farming First is an outdoor cannabis cultivator, processor, and distributor founded in 2019. Its new farm trumps the previous record — a 125-acre spot in the Ventura County city of Camarillo, operated by Glass House Brands.